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Jewish Alliance for Women in Science

Helping Women Enter Careers Related to Science and Medicine

JAWS Highlighted Feature

Visit Mentors' Round Table to read our interviews of women in the fields of science and health. These are women of varying levels of experience and backgrounds, brought to the table to answer your questions about everything from work-life balance to financial management. Read on, be inspired, and leave them (and us!) a comment!

Newest Interviews: Ecologist, MD Student 1 (2nd year) , MD Student 2 (2nd year) , Optometry Student and Speech Pathologist

Check back soon! More to come!

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Like to read? Check out our recommended book list and articles of interest on the Literature page.


Frum College Girl:
The musings of a frum nursing student.

Seminary to Scientist:

The blog of a current Jewish MD-PhD student.

The Brodsky Blog:

 A blog from Linda Brodsky, a respected Pediatric Surgeon Advocate and mentor for the next generation of women doctors.

Like Mother, Like Doctor:

This blog is written by mother-daughter team Linda and Dana. They blog about the academic world of science, with posts about their own lives and the science surrounding it. (Linda is the same Dr. Linda Brodsky of the Brodsky Blog listed above.)

Women in Science:
This blog is dedicated to the women in science and engineering, both past and present. It also has a list of links to other wonderful sites and blogs.

Female Science Professor

Musings of a science professor at a large research university.

Woman of the Month Archive

Exciting and inspiring biographies are just a click away! Woman of the Month


Find out more about some of our exciting events on our Events page.

In the News

Visit here to keep track of interesting articles about science and health (and JAWS!).